Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A conversation with Ethan

My son, Ethan, is an enormous Star Wars aficionado, with a very inter-active imagination. There was a time in his life when he insisted he was Anikan Skywalker. My husband and I were always deemed other characters, as necessary, to fill the plot of his imagination.

Ethan has a collection of Star Wars figures that would shame most adult collectors. He has both the current line, and the original figures. As a child, my husband had a similar interest, and had every figure and spaceship made. Luckily his father kept all the toys and sent them to Ethan several months ago. Ethan spends hours setting up elaborate scenes from the movies, and creating dialogue between the characters.

I kid you not when I tell you that his expertise regarding characters/episodes/timelines rivals that of any adult Star Wars fanatic. He is obsessed, to say the least.

He is constantly telling us that he is from the future. I seriously hope that this is his active imagination, and not a sign of the condition of his future sanity.

The other night we were reminding him of the importance of going to pee before you hit the bed:

Adam: Good night, buddy.
Ethan: Good night, Daddy.
Adam: Be sure and go to the bathroom before you go to bed.
Ethan: I am from the future.
Adam: OK, but go pee.
Ethan: I am from the future. In the future we do not have to pee.

I guess through all his watching and obsessing, he did realize one thing...there is no way in hell you could get all that gear off to go pee.

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at 10:49 AM Anonymous Michel said...

The logic of kids is inescapable. best to just think ahead (smiles)!

at 12:41 PM Blogger Alisha said...

If in the future you don't have to pee, I must be from the past!

at 1:07 PM Blogger TNChick said...

I'm sure he relalized it was immagination when he woke up LOL

at 4:17 PM Blogger kenju said...

Tell him I want to know what kind of pills they have in the future to prevent it!

at 4:24 PM Blogger said...

How very practical!! :D

at 4:27 PM Blogger NaeNae said...

It's amazing what four and five year olds come up with. My daughter tries to put off going to bathroom anyway she can. I haven't heard that one yet!

at 5:45 PM Blogger Viamarie said...

This is just temporary. My 6 yr old grandson was obsessed with cars when he was 3. Could name all the different cars (old & new) but when he turned 5, he put his collections aside and started with dinosaurs. Same thing...he could identify all of them from diffferent periods, what they eat, how big & how heavy they were. He will turning 7 soon and this time, he is glued to the tv during wrestling time. Last Christmas, almost all the gifts he got were wrestlers. He has started to act like his favorite John Cena. He even cried when Eddie Guerrero died. After this, am just wondering what his next obsession will be. For whatever they are, it turned out to be learning process too for us.

at 5:46 PM Blogger Viamarie said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that I came across your blog while I was reading Michele's post. Am glad I did. Found your post interesting. Will be visiting more often.

Good night!

at 7:50 PM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

I guess I'm from the past too.


at 10:48 PM Anonymous Mayberry said...

And all this time I assumed the reason the storm troopers ran so funny was because they were holding it in until they had time to get all that gear off.

at 10:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to know!

at 8:48 AM Anonymous Claude said...

You should remind him that Star Wars takes place in the past, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...". Now get yer ass in the bathroom, kid. Hee hee hee.

With that, I head off to work but I share with you the immortal words of Ralph Wiggum: "I bent my Wookiee."

at 5:26 PM Blogger used*to*be*me* said...

Wise beyond his years. My kids asked me why no one pees in the movies. How the hell do you explain that?

at 7:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ethan's a hoot. And he is very quick for a child. He is bound to be really intelligent.

at 3:52 AM Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wouldn't that be great if in the future people didn't have to pee, at least during the night!!! I vote for that! (lol)


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