Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why I hate Ty Pennington

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Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and its cast of over-dramatic, beautiful people make me want to hurl.

Intially, I got suckered right on in. I watched the episodes of the family with the deaf child, the star basketball player that was paralyzed, and the Lori Piestawa family/Jessic Lynch two-hour special. And of course, I cried through each of the shows, and couldn't wait for the moment when the entire town screamed "Bus Driver, Move That Bus", and start crying all over again when the family sees the new house for the very first time.

But then I got past all of the weepiness, and I really started watching. I started to really pay attention to the close-ups as Ty explained the hardships of the latest family. I looked more intently at the faces of the crew, and I looked at their practiced, pitiful looks of anguish, and the tear-filled eyes. I watched as they tilted their heads just slightly, and shook their heads with such tenderness. And that's when I vowed to quit watching this crap. Almost as pathetic as the face shots are their moving attempts to gain inspiration for certain rooms. Remember the time Ty and a couple of the others climbed an Arizona mountain to try and gain inspiration for the Native American tribute room for Lori Piestawa. Now that was caring.

Why couldn't Ty just stay on Trading Spaces? The whole point of the show has gone down the toilet. It's no longer about helping people in need. It's about how great Ty and the rest of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew are. How caring, how wonderful, how giving. Blech.

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at 10:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Show idea: Ty with no shirt, just khaki cargo shorts, building stuff.
That's it.

I'd watch!

he is the main reason I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

I remember when the show first started it was more regular people with crappy it is like the most pathetic stories you have ever heard.
It does take a lot out of a person doesn't it?

at 12:25 AM Blogger Thumper said...

Ty got out of Trading Spaces when the getting was THAT'S a show that turned into a train wreck. I had to stop watching before I jumped through the TV to strangle Hilde...

I still like Home Makeover. They're cheesy and I often wonder how hard hit the recipients are 6 months later when they're strugging with increased property taxes and utilities, but at least in general they're people who deserve a break.

at 4:06 AM Anonymous Michel said...

So you are think the cast and crew need a Extreme People Makeover? I'm just wondering why these shows are so popular...they are everywhere! Even here in Europe.

at 6:43 AM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

I wish reality tv would go away. I can't believe that so many people watch this. I can't believe there's going to be more American Idol too. Just what we need, more prefabricated crap music shoved down our throats.

Of course when you look at the rest of the tv schedule, there's not much else worth watching either.

It's no wonder I don't turn my tv on anymore.

at 6:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come on...AI is great!
Mindless fluff but great!

Last season gave me new faith in the show.
Carrie Underwood is a true talent and deserved the win.

There is quality TV...try the SHield, 24, Arrested Development

at 9:33 AM Blogger MommaK said...

I've never watched the show because he got on my nerves so much in Trading Spaces...but then so did the rest of the cast. I'm not into home makeover shows and my house is proof of that! But give me 21 castaways on an that's good stuff ;-)

at 9:43 AM Anonymous Deana said...

They always ruin good tv with "overwriting" and trying to pull laughs or emotion.

IE...Will and Grace...used to be so funny. Then the execs discovered everyone liked Jack and Karen and they started "overwriting" for them.

I hope they leave Earl and Deadwood's writing staff alone.

at 12:12 PM Blogger Chatty said...

It's funny that you say that today. I watched the last hour yesterday. Husband and I always watch and always cry. We didn't last night. It felt so scripted to me and very planned. I was even pissed off at the mother going off in wild hysteria over all the things she *got*. Her daughter, who got them there, had more poise than the adult. It's about being thankful for the things given, not for being a greedy whore.

I still like Ty and the concept of the show, I just miss the old cast and the days when they didn't get thousands of tapes from greedy shits.

at 1:33 PM Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

Yeah! Fuck those bastards! Nobody is going to be a do-gooder and have me actually think that they're a do-gooder. They want my respect, they need to go into the home wrecking business!

at 2:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never seen this show. i've seen ty on trading places, that boy is hot. i'd watch just to see him.

at 11:22 PM Blogger Ditsy Chick said...

Is it that bad now? I used to watch and I loved it and Ty. I cried and cried though. I always thought, I never wanted my life to be bad enough to actually earn a makeover.

at 1:34 AM Blogger Alisha said...

We did the exact same thing. Mitch and I used to be faithful watchers, and criers, until the exploitation of these families just got too much. Now we just make fun of it.

at 12:52 PM Blogger markus said...

i think he has an eating disorder.

at 11:33 PM Anonymous nicole said...

The show is merely a vehicle for which Ty to show off his body. I used to make bets on how long it would take for him to rip off his shirt.


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