Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thirteen Things about Dena

1. I’m going to make our Vegas reservations this week. Originally it was three nights/four days, then four nights/three days and now we’re looking at five nights with a possible side trip to the Grand Canyon.
2. Last night I did the Pop Tart for dinner again. I’m thinking this could be a new fab diet for me.
3. The other day I was driving down Great Neck Road - aka as the jogging trail for the “look at me, look at me” people of Virginia Beach. This guy that was jogging leaned his head toward the street, placed his finger to his nostril and blew a snot rocket into the street. I was so impressed.
4. Today five U.S. soldiers on patrol in Baghdad area killed by roadside bomb, according to U.S. military news release. It’s time to bring them all home.
5. I want to get some new black boots. I want to get them for a really good price. Since Adam’s working tonight, I might take Ethan to Nordstrom. I’m sure he’ll love a Nordstrom trip.
6. I have been working on this Thursday 13 since 8:15 this morning. I have been constantly interrupted by work issues. What the hell is up with that?
7. Work is going to keep me very occupied for the next several weeks. I’m going to take full advantage of today, and goof off.
8. Whenever I have to pee at work there is ALWAYS someone in the bathroom. I’m one of those people that will hold it until it’s almost dripping down my leg. I need to plan my pee breaks better.
9. I hate stupid men at work who stand outside the women’s bathroom and have a conversation. I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT YOU IMMEDIATELY AFTER I PEE ! ! !
10. My hair looks like dog shit.
11. I finally got into the women’s bathroom, and it the stench the person before me left gave me the dry heaves.
12. I am tempted to ask the two idiots still standing at the door who came out.
13. I can’t wait for my lunch break. I want soup.
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dena at 11:16 AM



at 1:54 PM Blogger Marisa said...

I have the same bathroom issues that you do. :-)

I played this week.

at 3:02 PM Anonymous Ficklechick said...

Great list! I'm sure the men outside the bathroom door noticed the smell when the chick came through the door.

That kind of smell tends to follow the person for a while! Ewww.

at 3:46 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

I'll be picking up Chick-Fil-A and coming over - you want some?

at 5:21 PM Anonymous Deana said...

You always have a good list...I bet you have the time of your life in Vegas. I don't remember women's bathrooms smelling like shit all the time when I was young. Women have changed! I bet Ethan will be thrilled over a shopping trip...little boys just eat that up huh...and your hair always looks good in your pictures??? You're just tired of it.

at 6:30 PM Blogger Ditsy Chick said...

I am not a big fan of public restrooms. And I hate the smell that lingers from other people. Can't you people wait until you get home to do that?

at 6:51 PM Blogger used*to*be*me* said...

OMG that was a great list! I too hold it until I can barely walk to the ladies room.

Snot blowers gross me out.

I want our soliders home too.

Work interrupted my list all morning too!

We must be on the same lunar cycle today or some shit. I didn't even try to do my hair this morning. I wrapped it in a pen and left.

at 2:02 AM Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Yes!! I dislike having to use Public Bathrooms for a huge variety of reasons..not the least of which is I need a LOT of privacy for me! And, I realize that if there is a great leveler in this world it's that everybody has to poop and pee. And everyone's s*** stinks, sometimes! We all have that in common, if nothing else..yet....yet...I still wish I never had to do either in any public place. Well, tough for me, isn't it? (lol)

Did you get to Nordstrom's??? (LOL)

at 6:31 AM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm jealous I want to go to Vegas!

at 2:24 PM Blogger Prego said...

Regarding the US soldiers, you might want to add the word "alive," because they're not coming home in that condition.

And (#10), your hair looks like my back yard?

Nice to meet you. Here via Michele.

at 5:58 PM Blogger zazzafooky said...

We're going to Vegas soon too!!! Double down chicky!!! :-)


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