Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

1. I didn’t get Adam to go to Kitty Hawk for our Christmas Chain of Love Activity, but he did agree to go out for Christmas Pizza, and looking at the Wolfsnare Plantation lights.
2. The waitress at the pizza place didn’t understand why I wanted our pepperonis cut into the shape of a Christmas tree. I used my compromising skills and called them red Christmas balls.
3. I am still expecting three packages in the mail. I hope they get here in time for Christmas.
4. Adam’s work party is tomorrow night. They’re being cheap like my office and only inviting the work people. No spouses. I guess Ethan and I will do something really wild on our own tomorrow night. I’ll take him out for hot chocolate, and maybe we’ll do some manger stalking. Misty? You up for it?
5. I found some mistletoe at work. Now I just need my 7 foot tall co-worker to walk outside and pick it for me.
6. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to watch QVC. I have no idea why I find QVC more entertaining than most of the big network programming. I think it’s the people that call in and talk to the host who has been describing a gold chain for the last 30 minutes.
7. I’ve never bought anything on QVC, but I’ve been so fucking tempted lately. At 4:30 this morning I had this incredible urge to order Adam the Black and Decker stud finder. I satisfied my urge with a chocolate chip cookie instead.
8. Sometimes I look at my daughter, and the only thing I can think of to say is “what the hell?” Seriously.
9. Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip pound cake is orgasmic. Really, it is.
10. I want to make an entire Christmas CD with nothing but Little Drummer Boy versions on it. If you have a version, e-mail it to me. I’ll love you for life.
11. I work for a General Contractor. Every subcontractor in the Hampton Roads brings us food during this season. It’s dangerous. Good, but dangerous.
12. Adam and I have a fun Christmas party to go to on Saturday. I’m wearing black pants and a red cashmere sweater.
13. I just found out that a friend of mine (a friend that cuts hair) is working at one of the best salons in Virginia Beach. She will come to my house and do my hair for free. I need a trim and a highlight. I should call her today.

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at 11:21 AM Anonymous Deana said...

I can't believe you can't take a date to the work party. Who is supposed to drive you home????? I don't think I could do 13 things on command. The pressure would get me and I would never get beyond fact one, I'm freezing! I'll have to get one of those cakes!

at 11:37 AM Anonymous Fionna said...

I played! I'll add you to my list :)

at 2:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was by earlier but this wasn't up yet, you're doing both photos and this, yikes!!!
we already did my hubby's corporate christmas party, apparently they spent $70,000 on it, spouses were invited. hot chocolate actually sounds like alot more fun.

at 5:24 PM Blogger Alisha said...

QVC is so dangerous! The weekend my divorce was final, my roomate and I got trashed on cheap wine and watched QVC for about 12 hours. She received packages in the mail for about 6 months afterwards.

Sorry you guys missed out on Kitty Hawk. Did Ethan love the Christmas of Love Pizza?

at 9:47 PM Anonymous Mayberry said...

That work party thing sucks. Of course my office cut the dinner out altogether a few years ago.

at 9:24 AM Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Such a good one Dena...Wat is up with the cheapo Cristmass spouses??? That certainly is not 'in the spirit' is it? Very Scroogie in fact! UGH!
Hope you anjoy your Saturday party...


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