Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

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1. I wrapped eleven presents tonight. I've always done all my wrapping on Christmas Eve. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

2. I have a very good friend that is hurting right now. I wish there were more I could do.

3. Someone needs to explain the code for this Thursday Thirteen to me. I'm sure I could figure it out, but I don't want to use that much brain power right now.

4. Ethan's new bedroom furniture is being delivered on Saturday. We did not get the loft furniture. Adam was petrified at the thought of the lethal combination of Ethan, a ladder and an elevated mattress.

5. The "King of Coloring" spent over an hour coloring one picture. He's very creative with his color selections. It makes me smile.

6. Thinking about John Lennon today, and I'm sure joining thousands of other blogs who mentioned his genius.

7. I love that I did so much of my shopping online this season. It's so much fun getting all these packages delivered at work. I like the surprise factor involved in this style of shopping. So far I'm thrilled with my purchases.

8. A couple of fun shopping sites: and threadless. Lots of fun t-shirts if you've got teenage/college kids to buy for.

9. My mother-in-law is coming over to celebrate Christmas on Sunday. She bought a house in Pennsylvania, and is closing on it at the end of the month. She's squeezing us in since she's leaving for PA on Tuesday, and won't be back in this area for three months. Once again I wonder what it's like to be in my husband's shoes. His family is so not normal. In fact, they are bizarre. Bizarre, I tell you. I'm sure Adam's father (and the third wife) will send some useless piece of shit to Ethan for Christmas. One year he sent him a $25 gift certificate to Sam's Club. What the heck?

10. It's 10:14. Ethan just reminded me that we forgot to open #8 on the Advent calendar.

11. Ethan warms my heart when he kisses me for no reason. Especially when he kisses my elbow, my knee or my ankle. It's so darn cute, and I just want to squeeze him.

12. I bought this stupid wrapping paper cutter at Target last weekend. I used it to cut the paper for three presents and then it quit working. After I did the first present, I was raving to Adam about it. Two presents later and I was complaining that it was the most worthless piece of crap ever. I wasn't lying.

13. Ethan sleeps with a menagerie each night. In his bed tonight: a sea turtle, three teddy bears, Batman, Spiderman, Darth Vader, a chick, Kermit, Elmo, and a black Lab. There's other stuff, but it's all piled on top of one another, and I can't make out the species.

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at 11:14 PM Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Such a sweet boy and I love the menagerie...very dear...
I want toi hear more about your husband's bizarro family. Sounds like it will be very very interesting Dena....(lol)

I did my first Thursday Thirten today and haven't a clue what all the code stuff is about...I'm not sure if I'm supposed to leave my http or what? (I think I put the old blog url on someone's blog..LORD!!) But, you know how to get to me if you want to give it a read...I enjoyed writing what I did. I love on line shopping, too! It sure saves a lot of wear and tear, doesn't it?

at 12:36 AM Blogger puremood said...

Wow... everyone is so ahead of me. I have not one wrapped gift!

Kisses for no reason are always wonderful!

at 5:55 AM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

Kudos for getting presents wrapped already!

at 8:56 AM Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

this year i was forced to buy something on line, i never do, but i couldn't get it at the store, so they suggested i try on line. i was here yesterday but this was up so i'll go and link you to mine now. you just have to copy and paste the code to get it to work, click on the edit html tab, then paste it onto your sheet and then click the compose tab, it somehow works it's magic. after that, you just go and type in what you want. hope you can follow that.

at 9:16 AM Blogger Plumkrazzee said...

Spontaneous kisses are the best. But I love spontaneous "I love you, mommy(s)" the most of all! Michele sent me!

at 9:43 AM Blogger Courtney said...

Good job on the presents! I wish I were that organized. Michele sent me.

at 10:03 AM Anonymous Deana said...

You did well on your thirteen. I love online ordering, it has made life so much nicer. I wish you and your hubby were close enough to make it to our Holiday party tonight! We'd love to have you and I know Delane and Amy would love to meet you too.

at 6:31 PM Blogger used*to*be*me* said...

You've wrapped everything? I've not even bought a damn gift! You suck. Or I suck. Damnit! Someone sucks!

On the flip side of sucking, I'm going to email you a word document that will have the Thursday Thirteen code in it. What I do is save that code to a word doc, then when I'm ready, I open it up. Type my list of thirteen, then cut and past the entire thing to my blog. Walla, it is done, and you have the color scheme, etc. Happy holidays! K


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