Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

1. I now know why I could never be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I would never survive without workday "business" lunches.

2. Ethan wants a Star Wars Christmas Party. He told us about it, but we weren’t sure that he’d actually taken the plunge. Apparently, he’s invited his entire class, and during one of those ever so important business lunches today, Misty confirmed it. Her neighbor asked if Kaiden would be attending Ethan’s Christmas party. There is no party. Now what do we do?

3. During the past three months my husband has spent over $3,000 on tattoos. And No, that’s not a typo.

4. I take thyroid medicine now. It’s so damn cute. It’s shaped like a little thyroid. I really had no idea my thyroid gland was shaped like a butterfly. Ask me why I’m excited about being diagnosed with yet another condition.

5. I need to add this one to my list of “Stupid Things That Happen At Work” - Yesterday, I was helping answer phones because I wanted to do nothing. I learned about another level of stupidity during my volunteer work:

Male Voice: May I speak to Frank please?
Me: He’s on another call. Would you like to leave a message?
Male Voice: How long do you think he’s going to be?
Me: Oh, probably about 7 minutes and 11 seconds.
Male Voice: ummm. (followed by silence)
Me: You feel really stupid for asking that, don’t you?
Male Voice. Yes. Yes, I do.

6. Santa Claus is going to call Ethan tonight and talk to him. Thanks Nadine.

7. I have not bought one single Christmas present. I’m not alarmed because I’ve never bought a Christmas present before December 15th. Never in my life. I think if I buy one present this weekend I'll feel like I've reached a new pinnacle in my life.

8. I ate Pecan Pancakes for lunch today. Yes, they’re really good, but I feel like a fat fuck right about now.
Note to self: Don’t eat that kind of shit for lunch.

9. I want to cut my hair. What do you think would happen if I took a pair of scissors and started chop, chop, chopping away. The way they do in the movies when life’s rough and they need a change. Do you think I’ll end up with some sassy, sexy cut like the people in the movies do?

10. I need new glasses. Mine are covered with scratches, and I struggle to see through the multitude of scratches on the lenses. It's making be crazy. I just don’t feel like dealing with it.

11. That Gingerbread cream they have out now. I want to do shots of it. Shots off of Santa's belly.

12. I like wearing boots with heels to work during the colder months. I like sitting in the Ardha Padmasana yoga position at work. I can’t do it when I wear my boots.

13. I think I’m going to get a hotel room and a limo and party like it’s 1999 next weekend. I'm not taking my husband.

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at 5:09 PM Blogger Cin said...

Hi there - the lovely Michele sent me, although I would've made it here eventually. Love your list - it made me go and find out what the Ardha Padmasana posture is - and it's actually a posture I do all the time!

at 5:40 PM Anonymous Deana said...

Don't cut your own hair. I just did that because I trimmed little pieces here and there and deemed myself credible. I was aggravated trying to grow it out....I have a BORING, un-Sexy bob now. (I am too ashamed to go to my hairdresser to fix it, plus its too damn short to change!) I have to let it grow and look like I am to cheap or poor to afford a good haircut!

at 6:09 PM Anonymous Nicole said...

So how many tattoos does your husband have? Are we going to see photos? :)

at 8:17 PM Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

sounds to me like you're going to be planning a christmas/star wars party, good luck with that!
my oldest daughter has a tyroid problem, she's on medication for the rest of her life, as will you be, but when you think about how much that gland controls and how easy it is to straighten it out, i guess it's worth having to do it.
i'm playing the 13 today too.

at 8:51 PM Blogger sage said...

i love pecan pancakes--with maple syrup--and can't understand why anyone would spend $3000 on tattoos. But then I'm Scots. Do you approve the designs?

at 10:32 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

I will pay you $30.00 if you can get pics of the tats and post them!

Are we going to the Schooner Inn?

at 11:08 PM Blogger Thumper said...

My thyroid meds are a boring little round pill. I am so disappointed now. I want a freaking butterfly shaped pill!

at 6:56 AM Blogger ribbiticus said...

looks to me like you'll be planning a party soon - lol! either that or maybe santa can make another phone call to tell him it's christmas presents or the birthday party. (he can only choose one)

here via michele today. :)

at 6:58 AM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

Pecan pancakes sound really yummy! I'm getting hungry now!

at 8:36 AM Blogger Anita said...

Michele sent me, and I can't believe I've been missing out on this great blog! Your post is cracking me up.

A few thoughts:

#1 - Trust me, I'm a SAHM, and there are lots and lots of lunches involved. And breakfasts. And coffees.

#2 - You are screwed.

#3 - really?

#5 - I'm trying your response next time

#7 - I feel so much better. I haven't bought much yet either. And never do until the nth hour.

#8 - I'm so jealous. I feel like a fat fuck all the time so a few pancakes won't make much diff.

at 9:26 AM Blogger novaks8 said...

"There is no party. Now what do we do?"

Duh, you know you have to have the party right?

Last year I did most of my shopping online and was done early.
This year...none at all yet.

at 9:31 AM Blogger Star said...

Michele sent me. Every time I see a girl do the hair chop thing in a movie I laugh. I can;t cut my bangs straight. I also love when they pack in a hurry and get their entire wardrbe in one suitcase.

at 5:12 PM Blogger MommaK said...

No chopping!! Your hair is beautiful!

Good luck with the party...hee, hee;-)

If you want a really long limo ride- come pick me up:)

at 6:34 PM Blogger ginaangel77 said...

dena you crack me up. i'll join you for the shots of creamer! after you ate the pancakes did you feel like we did after we pigged out at applebee's that one time?


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