Friday, December 16, 2005

The quest for a new level of hot

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To me, there is nothing more motivational when trying to lose weight, than a diet buddy. Since Misty has been on this get healthy, eat right kick, it’s become fairly easy for me to stick to the plan. We have been lunch partners for quite awhile now, and sometimes we don’t eat as healthy as we should. We now have a newfound determination. Of course, that means we’ve now had to cut out eating at what has just recently become our favorite spot, The Table Talk Café, but it doesn’t mean we can’t eat in the same strip center.

This week we have eaten every single lunch at the Warrior Grill, a Mongolian style barbeque establishment. It’s healthy. And they don’t serve fries. Sure, it’s quirky. The grill guys are adamant about creating your sauce. Guess what Wang Chung? I don’t like OYSTER SAUCE. I have told you fifty fucking times to keep your paws away from my bowl when I’m scooping my sauce. I want one scoop of ginger water, two scoops of the garlic, one scoop of lemon water, one scoop of wine, three scoops of hot pepper sauce (two with juice drained and one with the juice in the scoop), two scoops of Oriental sauce (whatever that is), and two scoops of sesame oil. And then there’s the wait staff. The Chinese ladies hover. If your glass is ¾ full, then they want to fill it. If you are down to one last bite on your plate, they circle your table like vultures waiting to take your plate the second that last bite is in your mouth, and before you set your fork down. As soon as they feel safe, they immediately swoop down and snatch the plate. It annoys the hell out of me. BUT…I live with the quirkiness. It’s healthy, it’s good, and we’ve seen results.

You want to know what’s really amazing? Look what’s right next to the Warrior Grill. Uh huh, you got it. And we haven’t even gone in once. Not even for one of those teeny tiny free samples.

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at 2:13 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

2 Garlic
2 Ginger
2 Mongolian Special

Mmmmmmm! You forgot to tell everyone that all that cabbage and broccoli makes you quite regular!

at 2:36 PM Blogger novaks8 said...

omigosh all my husband talks about are freaking Mongolian places.

There used to be only one near us and they frequently drove over just to eat there.
Now there are two more in neighboring towns and he STILL is obsessed.

Poor little OCD freak.

I used to work in a Chinese restaurant and MAN were those people nutty!

The owner would post notes EVERYWHERE.
do not leave drink here
wipe this counter down every time
if you do not clock out you no get paid
I finally quit because I was a. what felt like 10 months pregnant and b. the two brothers had a fight one night in which they started throwing plates at each other.
I began to think "Oh man they are gonna like kill the American girl who is a witness to one of them dying!"

the good old days

at 4:05 PM Blogger ginaangel77 said...

oh too funny! love your comment about wang chung. that was the worst part about going there. they always wanted to put sauces on there for you. i'm picky about the sauces that are added to my food and they swoop in and just start adding shit to your food. annoying!

at 7:49 AM Blogger ribbiticus said...

it's a good thing you like their food, huh? i personally don not lie it when my plate gets snatched away the minute the last morsel of food is in my mouth. there may be people waiting to get a table but there is such a thing as courtesy.

here via michele today. :)


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