Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Elf Dropping anyone?

Whenever I mention Elf Dropping to a friend, I always get a puzzled look, quickly followed by a request for an full explanation. This Christmas Eve was particularly fun because I was able to introuduce several people to what has become a family tradition for our household. To clear up what many people believe, Elf Dropping does not involve leaving elf poop on the doorstepas proof that an elf was around, nor does it involve dropping an elf from the rooftop.

Here's how it works. As the evening begins, the elves begin their duty of sneakily dropping off gifts at your door. It's done on a "knock and run" basis, and the gifts can be tricks or treats. When you hear a knock, run to the door and there will be a gift (sometimes wrapped, sometimes not) waiting for you.

Ethan's night of Elf Dropping began quite alarmingly; at least for him. He had been a pistol all day, and I don't mean busy and excited, I mean obnoxious and rude. Adam told him that he needed to improve on his behavior or the elves might not be nice this year. Ethan's curiousity began to spark, and he asked if the elves might bring him dirt. BINGO! Now we were certain what the elves would bring first. We heard a knock, Ethan ran to the door, walked out on the poarch and found a wrapped gift. He came inside, and opened it front of all of us.
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Initially, he was quite thrilled with the dirt, but soon the smiles turned to tears when he realized that he was out a gift.
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Later in the evening he received a pair of Darth Vader Pajamas, and then a book to read before bedtime. When Kaiden arrived, we decided to initiate her into the Elf Dropping tradition. Misty had a Kidz Bop CD for Kaiden in the car, and so that was left at the door for Kaiden, while Ethan got a box of Twinkies. Yes, I said Twinkies. After all, what kid wouldn't want a box of Twinkies on Christmas Eve?
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This morning Ethan asked me why Kaiden got his CD. I told him it wasn't his. And then he explained that it was delivered to his house, it wasn't wrapped and it didn't have a tag on it so it must be his. It does make sense. I really don't think he's going to buy into the whole Santa thing for very long. He's already questioning the idea, but hopefully I can pull it off. I think I'm that creative (aka sneaky), and I'd reallyy hate for my fun to end this soon.

Hopefully, you get the idea of Elf Dropping and will make it a new tradtion in your home next year.

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at 11:04 PM Anonymous Fionna said...

What a cute idea!

I'll have to try that. Now that I know it's not what it sounds like. I've got enough "droppings" around this place already!

at 11:40 PM Blogger Alisha said...

That is an awesome idea!!! I love it, perfect for a Christmas Eve get-together.

Poor Ethan, that is the picture of upset. But, I'm thinking you got the point across loud and clear.

at 3:17 AM Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is a wonderful idea! I've never heard of it before but I can see that it would be a whole lot of fun! And especially if you have young kids...!

Ethan sure is smart! He's already questioning the idea of Santa?

at 6:31 AM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

Very cute idea!

at 9:08 AM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

I'll have to burn you a copy of the Kids Bop CD - It is FABULOUS!!!

at 10:41 AM Blogger Juggling Mother said...

It's a lovely idea - but I forsee problems in our house too. We had arguments over santa presents this year & what was who's - even with names written on, so elf-droppings might cause a civil war:-) plus I don't think I'm organised enough!

at 12:01 PM Blogger ginaangel77 said...

i'm going to have to give the whole elf dropping a try next year. love the picture of ethan, it's a sad face but you can't help but giggle when you read the story.

at 12:01 PM Blogger ginaangel77 said...

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at 12:30 PM Blogger sage said...

what a neat tradition!

at 1:13 PM Blogger kenju said...

Sounds like a fun thing to do with children. I will tell my daughter abd son about it.

at 2:48 PM Blogger used*to*be*me* said...

That is a great tradition! My girls get letters from the Elves, find their foot prints around the house, then get the big letter from Santa. They are always amazed at how he knows stuff.

I was almost busted this year with the Santa letter. But, I covered nicely (I think) and I now worry about how long the magic will last.

at 4:18 PM Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

So you gave him dirt, causing him to cry, and then snapped a picture of him and posted it on the internet?


You are the best mom EVER!!!

at 4:38 PM Anonymous Deana said...

Smart kid. Indeed it would seem the little girl stole his cd from him. What a fun idea!

at 9:43 PM Anonymous Mayberry said...

I'm all about traditions. Elf dropping is a cool one.


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