Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm surrounded by brilliance

Dick Wad walks into my office, with cell phone to ear and the conversation goes something like this:

Dick Wad: Dena, do you know our Virginia Contractor's number?
Me: What? (not the I can’t hear you "what", the “what the fuck” what
Dick Wad: Isn’t that something you normally deal with?
Me: [talking in my head] Yeah, that’s one of those things that I memorize so I can just recite it on queue to a stupid moron like you]
Me: [in a really shitty, really sarcastic voice] Sure, let drop everything I’m doing and get that for you.

I stand up, walk over to my bookshelf and pull out a proposal for Dick Wad. He smiles (the site of him makes me want to vomit all over my desk), and takes the proposal from my hand and walks out.
A few minutes later, he walks back into my office, and hands me my proposal.

Dick Wad: Here you go. You’re the best! You do a bang-up job!
Me: [again, in my head] Gosh, you’re a pathetic piece of shit.
Me: Sure, it was my extreme pleasure. Anything to help.

I used to work with such a fun group of people. Now we only have losers. Losers with no sense of humor. Losers who are afraid of the Owner of the company. Losers who walk around on eggshells because they have no balls. LOSERS.

I’m having a bad week at work. Can you tell?

dena at 10:34 AM



at 3:16 PM Anonymous Fionna said...

Nope, I couldn't tell at all! ;)

at 8:11 PM Anonymous Deana said...

Hope your week improves...The Ethan shot made me laugh at loud. At least you make me realize its not actually "work" that I miss at all...its my buddies I could gossip and scheme with.

at 10:14 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

I am so sorry we do not work together anymore!


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