Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The glasses

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In early August, I went to Vegas for a birthday celebration for my boss. He invited 100 people, and the majority of the people were on the flight together. We didn’t fill the plane, and so several other people got to join our overly energetic group on the flight in. It was a drunk fest.

One of the not-in-our-group people was a guy that was traveling alone. An obnoxious guy, who was traveling alone. It soon became obvious why he was traveling alone. He was loud and non-stop talking before he got drunk. As he began to consume more alcohol on the plane, he became louder and started infiltrating our group, bragging about everything from his limo business to his Harley to his house on the beach. (I think he was lying.) Eventually he got himself invited to one of the parties, after claiming he worked with my boss “back in the 80’s”, which is not an uncommon occurrence, articularly since my boss owns one of the largest construction companies in Virginia Beach.

Fast forward to the party. We’re all there, partying it up and having a grand time. How could we not? The party’s at the Bellagio, there’s an open martini bar, and tons of really good food. All of a sudden, I look at the door and in walks Mr. Obnoxious himself. He comes in with his “I’m Mr. Beach” attire, and sporting a pair of tinted prescription glasses. A pair of prescription glasses which are the entire premise of this story.

The night wears on, and I watch as Mr. Obnoxious consumes plate after plate of 6" long jumbo shrimp, lobster medallions and oysters on the half-shell. The party is winding down, and several of us are headed to the casino to gamble. Mr. Obnoxious is trying to follow us, and then realizes he doesn’t have his “one of a kind, $750 glasses”, and we are so freakin’ thankful. Now we can lose him. He heads back to the room to look for his glasses. We bolt.

Next morning, we’re at the pool cabana, and someone hands me a pair of glasses. Those glasses. Apparently they found them on a table by a smoking table. I put them in my purse, and figure the guy might call us at the office when we return to Virginia Beach. He never does.

It’s now October 18, and today the guy calls. Apparently he ran into someone at some bar on Sunday night, and was told that we have the glasses here in our office.
We don’t have the glasses. We never did have the glasses in this office. I had the glasses, and so I tell our receptionist to put the guy on hold, and I call my husband to find out what he did with the glasses.

Me: Where the fuck are those glasses that belong to that obnoxious drunk?
Adam: I threw those mother fuckers away weeks ago.
Me: The guys on the phone looking for them. What should I say?
Adam: Tell the stupid drunk he should have called weeks ago. I don’t care what you tell him. The guys was an ass.

And so, I tell the receptionist to tell him we don’t know anything about the glasses. She does, but it took her 15 minutes to get the guy off the phone. Of course she got a full description of the glasses – they were one of kind, they were $750.00, he was told that someone has them. He thinks the son of my boss may have stole them….blah, blah, blah. If he weren't so obnoxious, I'd feel bad. I'd feel almost criminal.

Oh, and he’ll be calling back to talk to the boss, because he wants his glasses.

Loser…Big, drunk, obnoxious loser.

I need to give my boss the heads up. I'm sure the guy's going to call back.

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at 10:23 AM Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

Bad things deserve to happen to people who spend that much money on . . . well, just about anything, but especially glasses. I mean, were they prescription glasses or something?

at 1:25 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

Buy a pair of cheapos and give them to him. When he comes and says those aren't mine, then say, well this is the pair the the hotel gave us.

at 8:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew you took my glasses! I just f*#&ing knew it! Do you have any idea the kind of headaches I get watching the sunrise at my beach house without those glasses? It's a good thing Diddy left a pair of his in the back of one of my limos, otherwise I would have to sue for damages.

at 8:14 PM Anonymous Mayberry said...

Sorry about the anonymous comment, I couldn't help it.

at 9:50 PM Blogger ~Cathy~ said...

LMAO... that's a hoot! I can't believe he called after all this time!

How was Vegas by the way?! Did you win any jackpots?!

at 11:45 PM Anonymous Last Girl On Earth said...

People have NERVE! I'm glad your hubby threw them out. Only it's too bad that you all didn't selll them on Ebay and make some $$ off of them!

BTW, I've linked you, so now we can Share The Love! See you soon.

at 12:25 AM Blogger used*to*be*me* said...

Great post! I thought shit like that only happened to me!

at 5:24 AM Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

Those are the kind of obnoxious people that should be voted off the planet!

But lucky you! Vegas and the Bellagio. I'm so jealous!

at 1:36 AM Blogger puremood said...

Gee... if I paid that much for some glasses I would have called MUCH sooner LOL

Loser. ;)


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