Monday, September 05, 2005

Vintage Photo of The Day

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April 1961
This is one of my Mom's favorite of me. I always danced to my own tune.

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at 3:33 PM Anonymous Joan said...

That's a great picture - positively adorable!

Hello, Michele sent me today!!:)

at 3:40 PM Blogger Kevin said...

Here again from Michele's.

Another great pic, but I have a question: With what did you load the gun?

at 6:54 PM Blogger Lish said...

Hi, I'm here from Michele's. That is a very cute pic, and I'm definitely going to try your cocktail recipe.

at 8:58 PM Blogger Indigo said...

*THAT* is such a cute picture!!! I love the holster. Michele sent me!

at 9:06 PM Blogger kenju said...

Yeah, I love the holster too! Cute panties.

Michele sent me - gotta' reach 1000!

at 9:31 PM Anonymous Mrs. Fun said...

I love it. I should post some pics of me from the baby days :) You are very cute :)
Here via micheles again

at 9:38 PM Blogger Beanhead said...

I love it what a great shot.
Here via Michele's

at 9:27 AM Blogger kristal said...

I posted the chile relleno recipe for you:

super simple and very good!

at 10:49 AM Blogger Geekwif said...

Darn cute!!! Lately I've been scanning old family photos to share among extended family. I'm thinking I might post some on my blog. Some of them go back 100 years or more. I love vintage photos.

at 10:58 AM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...


at 2:22 PM Blogger pantrygirl said...

I love the holster!


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