Friday, September 02, 2005

Today's Nerve Pluckings and Nerve Soothers

The pluckers:

The lady who told me that raping and looting wouldn't happen in a wealthy neighborhood. I'm sure she meant wealthy, white neighborhood.

The neighbor's sometime boyfriend who came over, dropped off a bag of laundry and then left to wash his car.

The guy at work that never carries his weight, and does a lot of walking around, trying to look busy.

The fact that today is September 2....already???

The girl at work who plays dumb so she doesn't have to do certain tasks.

The people at work that allow her to do so.

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The Soothers:

The delcious frozen adult beverage I am sipping on.

The fact that today is September 2...and I have the next three days off.

The wonderful show of support by the people in our country.

My neighbor's cute new kitten.

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at 6:32 PM Blogger Angie said...

Don't you just hate "THOSE" people at work?? Me too!

Michele sent me :)

at 6:43 PM Blogger Denise said...

Hello, Michele sent me and I could not agree more about how quickly the year is flying by! Gosh, I remember when getting to September seemed to take forever and now it as though New Year's was yesterday.

at 6:46 PM Blogger -E said...

Thanks for including the cute kitten, I needed something soothing right now. Enjoy your beverage, and have one for me!

Michele sent me.

at 7:29 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

Frozen beverage??? Where was the phone call?

at 7:35 PM Blogger kenju said...

What a cute kitten. He has on his best "bib and tucker".

Michele sent me - again.

at 7:46 PM Anonymous Mrs. Fun said...

hey i pretend i don't know how to make a sweet tastey frozen drink so i don't have to and Mr. Fun does, is that bad?

here via Micheles :)

at 7:53 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

Maybe I would have liked a frozen beverage too, i'm just saying. via Michele's

at 7:58 PM Anonymous lisa said...

Back again from Michele's!

at 8:49 PM Blogger Nickle Annie said...

Mmmm. I could go for a delicious frozen adult beverage right about now. :)

Hi! Michelle sent me!

at 9:09 PM Blogger Theo said...

thanks for visiting. gotta love that Michele.

nice place you have here. enjoy your weekend.

at 1:46 AM Blogger Destiny Anne said...

hate pluckers. here via michele.

at 8:54 AM Anonymous moonbatty said...

Good post. The pluckers pluck at me, too. And that kitty is beautiful!

Here via Michele.

at 10:20 AM Anonymous Pearl said...

Like the word pluckers. And your soothers are sweet.

at 10:23 AM Blogger Kathy said...

I like the way you list the soothers and pluckers. Sometimes writing down what moves you helps put it all in perspective. Thanks for visiting.

at 4:49 PM Blogger Star said...

I think we may possibly work in the same place!

at 8:00 AM Blogger Oreo said...

How cute is he....he could be my son. =^..^=


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