Saturday, September 17, 2005

People Watching Pic - Stuck in the 80's

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This guy was too good not to take a picture of....cut off Hooters shirt...faded, tropical print shorts...mullet with a ball cap...same old bike, but with some new handlebars. I easily give this guy a rating of 10 in the 1-10 people watching scale. So worth the battery power I used to take this picture.

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at 11:48 PM Blogger Yaeli said...

OMG!! He is a total 80's throwback... right down to the flipflops!
I love seeing people like that!

Michele sent me today but I stop by anyway.

at 11:48 PM Blogger -E said...

HAHAHA THANKS for taking that picture. I love people watching and am always tempted to take pictures of some of the good ones. Now I know I'm not the only one. But he was definately worth the photo taking!

Michele sent me this time around.

at 6:55 AM Blogger utenzi said...

Michele sent me to you, Dena. Good morning!

The picture reminds me of the atmosphere in some towns on the Atlantic, especially further south. Key West in particular.

at 9:02 AM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

He was a f--king hottie! Your picture came out better than mine.

at 6:23 PM Blogger MommaK said...

I love people watching -esp. at the beach. Great picture:)

at 8:23 PM Blogger Kevin said...

Here from Michele's.

I don't see anything freaky in that picture. Well, except for the white wall tires. That's just soooo fifties.

at 2:11 PM Blogger zazzafooky said...

That's definitely a classic, especially with the cut off Hooters T. Oy! :-)


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