Friday, September 16, 2005

Boredom Beaters

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Ethan and I are bored tonight. Adam is watching some sporting event on TV, and we didn't do our normal Friday Family Night - Dinner out, and a trip to Target.

What do you do to beat the boredom?
Here are a few of my brilliant ideas for what's already becoming too late a night to do much of anything:

Ice Cream trip to Cold Stone Creamery
Walk Around the neighborhood
Ice Cream trip to Cold Stone Creamery
Do a puzzle
Ice Cream trip to Cold Stone Creamery
Read a book
Ice Cream trip to Cold Stone Creamery
Visit a neighbor
Ice Cream trip to Cold Stone Creamery

Anyone sense a pattern here? I think I'm heading out on a trip to the Cold Stone Creamery.

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at 7:06 PM Blogger Carmi said...

This is a pattern I can surely appreciate. If the giant spigot in the sky decides to stop spitting at us, I might do the same with the munchkins in the morning. A little walk down the hill, a little tasty treat to reward ourselves. Ahhh.

I'm here from Michele's, but I really wanted to drop by to thank you for being so kind on my blg today. Thanks!

at 8:08 PM Blogger Canadian Mark said...

Ice cream is, after all, the mother of all cures when it comes to boredom. Good choice. Michele sent me.

at 9:11 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

OH DAMN...Why did you have to go and mention that.

Was the starer there?

at 9:30 PM Blogger ~Cathy~ said...

Sounds yummy! We went to Friendly's for dinner tonight so I got my ice cream fill! YUM! When I'm bored, I usually read or sit in front of this box surfing the net!

Michelle sent me.... but I'd a stopped by anyways!

at 1:05 AM Blogger Yaeli said...

Mmmmm.... Ice cream...
I want it now!! I might have to do a run up the road in my slippers to get some. :o)

Michele sent me and I blogrolled you today!!! Keep smiling!

at 6:14 AM Blogger panthergirl said...

I love the Cold Stone Creamery, but sometimes I wonder how sanitary that is? (And I'm NOT OCD! Really!!) You know, slapping the ice cream all over that table before serving it. How clean can it really be?

Did I ruin it for you? I hope not!

Here via Michele today...

at 6:19 AM Blogger kenju said...

While you're there, have a raspberry ice for me, please? That's my favorite (I'm not able to eat ice cream due to the fat and milk content) :(

P.S. I thought the weekend was a good place to post my piece on alcohol....LOL

at 7:53 AM Blogger Paul said...

Hello. Here from Michele's M&G. I'm impressed with your blog. Nice joint. And I would dearly love to accompany you to a visit to the Cold Stone Creamery...or the Marble Slab...Dairy Queen...31 name it.

I also appreciated your Sep 15 post. Thoughtful.

at 3:05 PM Blogger MommaK said...

Oh, I love that place but currently it is on my list of places not to visit while trying to lose my fat ass. Bummer, huh? Eat some for me next time:)

at 5:14 PM Blogger Geekwif said...

I like the way you think! Mmm. Cold Stone. I might just have to convince my hubby that we need to make a trip there tonight. :)

at 8:40 PM Blogger Carmen said...

I absolutely LOVE Cold Stone. I can't eat there any more, since my food allergic kid had a reaction. Plus, all the walking that I'm doing to try to lose most of my butt kind of doesn't go with the eating of ice cream.

Damn, now that's all I can think of!


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