Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ten on Tuesday

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Ten Lessons You Want to Teach Your Kids

1. Appreciate the little things.
2. Don't rush life.
3. Don't pick your friends based on the color of their skin, the house they live in, the clothes they wear, or the car they drive. Pick them for the qualities that matter in the long run.
4. Respect the elderly. Show patience and listen to their stories. You will learn a lot.
5. Pick a career that based on the happiness it brings you, not for the $$ you earn.
6. Respect the beliefs and lifestyles of others. We are all different. Celebrate the differences.
7. Don't be a follower. Stand up for what you believe in, and don't feel pressured to follow something you do not agree with.
8. Don't be taken advantage of in love, friendships or work.
9. Give of your heart and of your time. Charity isn't just about the dollars.
10. Remember your roots. No matter who you become, remember where you came from.

dena at 7:54 PM



at 6:50 AM Blogger kenju said...

Dena, I love this - and it will immediately be forwarded to my grandchildren's mothers.

Michele sent me - and I am glad of it.

at 8:14 AM Blogger Mimi said...

This is a wonderful list! I am a Mom of 4, 2 in highscool. I am going to copy and print this for them. Some of the best advice I have read. THANK YOU!

Michele sent me :o)

at 2:45 PM Anonymous E said...

I love this list, too! It will be added to my "wall of inspiration" in my cube at work. I'm here from Michele's, and I'm glad I came!

at 10:00 AM Anonymous lu said...

Hi, dena...followed you home from Michele's. I'll second everyone's sentiments here... great list and I love the accompanying photo.

at 4:07 PM Anonymous Maria said...

A list to which to aspire. Thanks for sharing.

Came by from Michele. She says to say hi.


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