Thursday, August 25, 2005


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Have you ever been so pissed off, that you feel the heat in your face, your eyes start to water, your temples start thumping, and you feel like smacking the cause of it all across the face.

My husband, is an ass. Sure, I know his back hurts, but....he cooked a ham steak, scalloped potatoes, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and ate out of at least four other dishes. My point, you ask? He left three dirty pots, three tops to the pots, several dishes and bowls, several glasses and a plethora of utensils in the sink...DIRTY DISHES IN THE SINK MAKE ME NUTSO ! ! ! And when I walk in after working all day, he says, "just leave it. I'll do it in a little bit." Well, I can't just leave it. It drives me nutso, whacko, turns me into a crazed lunatic. And so I clean it, and as I do, I get even more pissed off, because if he is capable of making such an enormous mess, then he's fucking capable of cleaning it up. I finish. I want to watch the news...ALONE. He follows me into the room, and makes a smart ass comment about Cindy Sheehan, and how she had nothing to bitch about. Anyone that knows me, knows how totally against this war I am, and have been from the day the possibility of it was mentioned. The comment causes me to erupt, and now after my political spew off to him, I am furious, furious, furious.

I wish Soapbox would hurry and call so we can do our Target run. I need to get out of this house before I kill him.

I feel better now.

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at 7:42 PM Blogger Laura GF said...

I can sympathize -- my husband hates to clean but loves to cook. Sometimes he will go so far as to rinse the dishes/pans that he uses, but he leaves everything in the sink. I stay at home and he works and technically, according to our agreement, it's up to me to clean them. I suppose it's fair. However, it can be pretty irritating, especially when I have to follow his trail of dirty dishes all over the house! Really, how much more work is it to just wash the dish rather than rinse it off?

at 9:38 PM Blogger MommaK said...

I am in the same boat as Laura. It still makes me mad that he can't just put the damn dishes in the dishwasher!!

Can I come to Target too ??

at 10:14 PM Blogger Little Miss said...

I agree with all of you! It must be a male thing, a husband thing... an ego/pride thing? All I know is that it's a "drive me to the point of insanity" thing! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone!

btw, dena, Erika (barefoot belle) is my soapbox...that's what friends and venting are for!

at 9:52 AM Blogger yellojkt said...

My wife and I had a kick-out, drag-out fight this week because I forgot to put away the leftovers and clean the dishes before I went downstairs to help her with her Mac. It really hit her hot button. I think your picture expresses her sentiments.

And I'm such a good husband. I put the seat down EVERY time.

at 9:52 AM Blogger yellojkt said...

Oh, and Michele sent me.

at 10:06 AM Blogger ~Cathy~ said...

My husband isn't too awful about cleaning up after he makes a big dinner (which doesn't happen often!) but what drives me insane is when I've got the sink all cleaned out, he gets a snack, and leave the dish, full of food in the sink!! Hello.... ever heard of rinsing it out and sticking it in the dishwasher?!?!?! The knife with pb&j all over it drives me nuts!

BTW, Michelle sent me... but you know I visit often! :)

at 7:14 PM Blogger la la la I can't hear you said...

My husband always uses way too many pieces of equipement when he does the cooking, I know what you mean. I think it is in their genes. or chromosomes or whatever.

I hope you're doing better now. You have a great blog, i found you from your post on Michele's.


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