Saturday, July 09, 2005

Us and Them

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This isn't a man bashing thread. It's a reflection of why is life so much more difficult for us, particularly in the appearance area of life. Why is it that a man gains a few pounds, and no one notices. Fat man = jolly. Fat woman = lazy fat ass. His belly puts on a couple of pounds, and he covers it with an untucked shirt or a loose T. She puts on a loose shirt, and people wonder if she's pregnant...that or she's just plain fat and sloppy. His arms get puffy, and no one notices; people whisper behind her back, and maybe even let out a little snicker. A guy gets a little gray, and all of a sudden he's distinguished. A woman gets a little gray, and people thinks she's depressed and has let herself go, secretly wondering if they should get her a gift certificate to the salon for her next birthday.
Sure, I'd rather be a woman, but appearance isn't the only area that's easier for men. It's everything - house, kids, errands, shopping. It's 2005 for gosh sakes, and yet here we are still finding the same inequalities that have always been around. What would they do without us? You think God or Buddha or Karma would cut us a break on the appearance thing, wouldn't you?

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Damn, now I am depressed. I think I will go eat a donut.


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