Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Today's Ramblings

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On the way to a meeting today I stopped to buy gas. I was trying to pull into the island I always do, but this car had pulled in between the two islands, and I couldn't fit on either side. A woman had parked dead smack in the middle of the lane, and had the gas thingy stretched as far as it could go. I pulled into the next lane, because I really wanted to see what type of person would drive in this manner. I'll tell you what kind of person. The kind that puts plastic bags over both headrests to protect them from the hair products they wear. And in the back seat was her Grandson, dressed in a little plaid outfit and holding a red balloon. The balloon was wearing the matching hat to the plaid outfit.

So, I'm at my meeting. And all I could stare at was the big slob that's going to be the project manager on this project. It's not that he was fat that bothers me. It's that he had a lazy posture, and was a total slob. But what I couldn't stop staring at was the wrinkles in the back of his head. He had his head shaved, so the wrinkles were easily visible. Four freakin' rolls. I kid you not. I'm not sure if it was the lack of a neck that caused the wrinkles or just a generally fat head. Seriously, how does one gain weight in their head?

Meeting is over, and I decide to take a leisurely stroll around the ODU campus, with the hope of catching something really interesting. I walked past a red car with dark tint on the windows. In large white letters ,that filled the back windshield, the following was written: "Reality Is Found Only In Christ", and the license plate read REALNJC. I'm not sure why this struck me. It did.

As I'm heading back to the office I catch a woman crossing the street in front of Nauticus. A large woman wearing hot pink shorts and a aqua colored tank top....Note to self: Bright colors make you look big. REALLY big. And ugly hair on top of the bright body make you look like a scary cartoon character.

And for those who care...Adam fractured his back again, Cristin's car broke down, and I just made Ethan a chocolate milkshake (which I didn't eve taste).

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at 12:45 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

Is Cristin ready for the El Camino?

at 2:23 PM Anonymous Jenn W said...

Hey Dena I worked w/ Misty @ COC and I think I know who that slob is........

Free Willey?
Too F**kin funny.
You and Misty crack me up. I have been reading your blogs daily. I told Misty do not bid work for ODU w/ her name on it!!!!If I remember correctly she was the reason for him leaving!!!TOO FUNNY> Looks like a pack of Hot Dogs back there.

at 3:19 PM Blogger dena said...

Oh my God...it is like a pack of hot dogs. Kept me mesmerized through the entire meeting.

at 9:04 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...


at 5:00 PM Blogger Carmi said...

Your entry proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are literally surrounded by weirdness. We must take cover now to avoid being compromised. Hurry, as time is of the essence!

Thanks for the smile. Needed it.

Dropped in from Michele's. I'm always glad when I do.

at 1:40 PM Blogger War Eagle said...

Funny post. Hello from Michele


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