Friday, July 22, 2005

Seen on a Friday

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There is this woman who walks her dog, day after day, week after week, and now entering into the fifth year. The dog is part chow - color is the same, tongue is black, but the face, tail, and ears are a bit different. Each year this woman looks more and more like her dog; her stance, her expression and now her hair. Yes, she has died her hair to match her dog. It’s a beautiful thing.

I go to Weight Watchers. I’m cool with it. I’m losing weight, and that’s all that matters. I’ve been to day meetings twice. Both times there has been a car parked off to the side of the building. A cop car. I think he digs fat women, and is beating off as we walk in and out of the facility. It’s a beautiful thing…for him.

There are two single girls that live in my neighborhood. My husband calls them the ugly girls. They have super cute figures, but my husband claims they have faces that could turn you to stone. And so, this morning I’m taking the trash out, and a large, white SUV pulls into the street, pulls into a parking space and backs out. The passenger door opens and the uglier of the ugly girls jumps out. Seriously, the guy did a total drop and run. Of course the girl is dressed in a total “out for the night” outfit, and looking about as hungover as you can get. I call my husband, and tell him the story and he made the typical comment about how things look different when you’re not smashed. It’s a beautiful thing…to share.

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at 2:26 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

The cop was there again today?

at 2:36 PM Blogger dena said...

Yes. I think I'm switching to nights.

at 2:47 PM Blogger J-Roc said...

Interesting - I just got crucified by the ladies who read my blog for discussing usage of the word "fat."

I suppose "ugly" is another one of those flashpoint words.

It's never polite, but it's sometimes accurate...

Michele sent me incidentally.


at 3:53 PM Blogger Nic said...

That's pretty funny! Hi from Michele.

at 7:49 PM Blogger Jill said...

Thanks Dena for stopping by my blog. Come back often.

at 8:17 PM Anonymous Jen said...

I'm here via Michele. Glad to hear the ugly girls are getting some love.

at 9:52 AM Blogger Theo said...

here via Michele.

nice spot here. i'll be back.

btw, i think i'm starting to look like my dog!?

at 7:51 PM Blogger Angel of Music said...

LOL - your husband and mine would get along great! I think I would switch meetings too - that's too creepy.

Thanks for stopping by the other day! :0)

at 1:30 PM Blogger Nadine said...

my dad's a cop.....heehee

at 1:55 AM Blogger zazzafooky said...

I love this beautiful thing theme you've created!

My dog's a german shepherd and I think he's taking after me!

BTW-Thank you so much for your pledge support for the Blogathon! It's greatly appreciated.


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