Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mid-week sightings

I don't drive fast. I grew tired of speeding tickets, and I like to people/place watch while I am driving. Today was a little different. I left work a little early, excitedly heading home at 4:30, rather than 10:30 like the previous night. There was a car going very slow (20 mph below the speed limit) ahead of me, and so I decided WTF, I'll pass him. As I passed by this guy (a middled aged, regular guy BTW), I noticed he was reading a magazine. Head down, magazine completely open - full-on reading. Thankfully, I was alone, and could yell STUPID C*CK SUCKER to the world. They'll let anyone have a license.

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dena at 5:57 PM



at 6:34 PM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

That's why I have started listening to audiobooks, because of my extreme drive-reading habit - oh and because of those damn kids and the whole being tired all the time thing.


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