Thursday, June 02, 2005

And the loser of the year award goes to...

...Adam and Dena Clavier.

Yesterday was June 1. Yep, June 1. The day we got married. June 1, 2001. And what did we do? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Why? Because we both TOTALLY forgot. Are we losers or what? I forgot. Adam forgot. My Mom forgot. Everyone forgot.

Adam just walked in and told me that yesterday was our anniversary. I must have looked at the date a trillion times and not realized it. Of course, Adam thinks it will make a great story. When someone asks him what he did for his fourth anniversary, he can always tell them that he went to Fat Tuesdays (by himself) had a couple of drinks and ordered ten 50-cent tacos to bring home for dinner. Woot!

We deserve a night out...obviously.

dena at 7:50 PM



at 9:41 AM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

We too have been married four years, and have forgotten four anniversaries!

God can you believe we were married within months of each other and had the kids within months of each other.


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