Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Actuality Nibbles

Who the hell came up with the term Reality Bites? I happen to live for reality television. Granted, my reason for watching these shows is for the unadulterated joy I receive from making fun of people. I happen to enjoy the thrill of the show.

The Swan...What the hell happened to that show anyone? I happen to enjoy spending an hour watching normal people be transformed into botoxed Stepford wives. Seriously, who doesn't like watching liposuction and porcelain veneer repairs taking place right before their eyes.

And Paris and Nicole...well, they are my idols! The Bachelor? How wonderful that a moron like Charlie can actually find 20-some women that are willing to make fools over themselves for him!

Reality Shows complete me!

dena at 12:59 PM



at 10:29 AM Blogger soapbox.SUPERSTAR said...

Which one should we sign up for? I think MTV should do a real world with moms and kids - show the kids what the real world REALLY is!!!

Maybe mix it up - half parents and their kids and half young drunk punks, and their "job" while on the show will be our daycare while we are at work.


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